Why Us?

We pride ourselves in offering the largest variety of premium treatments in our plans, from reputable and trusted providers. At Australani, special treatment plans are our strength, and we cater to the unique needs of our valued patients. Treatment quality, safety and consistency are paramount. There are a large variety of treatments that should go into a well thought out plan for each unique patient. Some patients require streamlined modification of treatment plans which we are able to provide.

Our commitment is to provide you with a high quality assessment, and a robust formulation, giving you clear options to enhance your quality of life. Your health is our top priority, and we’re here to deliver the relief you seek. We thank you for giving us your time to complete an extensive medical history and baseline questions, which ensures you secure the best treatment plan.

Every patient is unique – so our goal is to be able to consider and offer all treatment options to our patients. We are open to searching the globe for the best treatment options sourced specifically for youFormulating novel treatment plan options is something that excites us, so at your consultation we invite you to discuss any research or options you have found.

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Why Australani?

We have Expert Clinic Options for you:

Life Pain Clinic – a rapid assessment and treatment plan activation to urgently start relief

Life Stress Clinic – be heard with a comprehensive assessment of the Pillars of Wellness, and a treatment plan approach that understands your needs for multifaceted relief

Sleep Disorder Clinic – take real steps towards a good night of refreshed sleep

Chronic Pain Clinic – there are many causes and external influences of pain. Assessment and treatment plans need to be diverse, like our patients.

Chronic Disease Clinic –  the complexity that comes with chronic disease and multiple diagnoses is important to understand, so a comprehensive assessment is key to finding and treating the root causes.

Fibromyalgia Clinic – we have a passion for pointing Fibromyalgia patients in the right direction and finding real relief.

Australani - caring for our people

We offer more?

We have even more Expert Clinics for you:

Integrated Medicine Clinic – a diverse assessment to find root causes of illness, and root causes of diagnosis, using Australani’s Pillars of Wellness as a tool to assess physical, social, mental and spiritual factors

Save Lungs Save Lives Stop Smoking Clinic – as the name says, we can assist with smoking cessation tools to help save your lungs

Executive Health Clinic – tailored solutions for executives and companies, where the fast paced life often doesn’t leave much time for health matters

Performance Health Clinic – Elite performance requires elite measures and management. With you, our team identifies your performance goals and treatment options

Weight Management Clinic – medical, social, and life issues might be affecting your weight management Let us tailor a personalised approach that’s right for you and your daily challenges